Claude Guillemette               Late & Great  Gilles Villeneuve
Claude Guillmette
Frenchy  A. J. Clouthier
MICOT 1984     A Global Center of Excellence        Canada' first Intelligent building -  

     designed for the information age       - Trade and Exibition Center

Managers  Institute of Commercial  Office  Technology
Claude Guillmette
Project Participation:  1984 to 1992
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Claude Guiilemette winner of the World Snowmobile Olympus Open Modified Class, Ironwood Michigan  1976
Claude Guillemette winner the World Snowmobile Olympus, open modified class Ironwood Michigan  1976
Snowtech Magazine Cover Page
Claude Guillemette competing with Late Gilles Villeneuve, brother Jacques Villeneuve
at the World Kawartha Cup in Peterboro Ontario
Claude Guillemette winner the #1 Plate - CMA  Canadian Motorcylce Association
Claude  beats top snowmobile racer with his motocross bike before 5000 spectators - 
Claude crosses the Matagami River in Timmins Ontario with a snowmobile
Claude organised Guiness Book of Records - Snowmobile Drags and Distance Races on Water
Sanctioned by Ontario Snowmobile Racing Federation, Sponsered By Mark Ten, an TV program by CKSO Sudbury
Claude liked this one
Claude's New To You pre-owned car business in Timmins Ontario - 1969 to 1982
Claude worked with the President and participated from 1984 to 1992
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Claude' premiere search engine programmer - The Net Results using Intgelligent software from Melbourne U Australia
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